In a recent video, activist Verydarkman addressed the trending online report concerning an incident where a young man killed his girlfriend, a student of the University of Port Harcourt (Uniport) for ritual purposes.

The victim was identified as Justina Otuene Nkang, a 300-level biochemistry student, and the alleged perpetrator named Collins, who murdered her, dismembered her body, and attempted to dispose it before being apprehended by the police.

In response to this incident, Verydarkman expressed his viewpoint, asserting that he does not sympathize with the girl and refuses to place blame solely on the young man.

He argued that societal pressures contribute to the rising prevalence of cybercrime, including rituals and fraud. He shared a personal example, recounting how he faced derogatory comments from celebrities and social media figures such as Carter Efe, Blessing CEO, and Gistlovers, who criticized him for living in a modest self-contain apartment.

He explained that society fails to appreciate those who engage in legitimate work, perpetuating a mindset that prioritizes illicit wealth accumulation, thereby making many young people believe that financial success is solely achievable through cybercrime and fraud, leading to a proliferation of such activities.

He noted that, due to societal pressures, most young girls now prefer to date wealthy men and are no longer willing to work hard for their own money.

Verydarkman emphasized the importance of safeguarding siblings and loved ones, as anyone could become the next victim, stressing that not all ritualists are apprehended.

Captioning the video, he wrote:

“You guys saw what the internet did to me last and they still do it to me,with all that who go want hustle? I don’t blame this guy oooo,the society permits it now,nobody cares how you make money just make it,your sister or brother might be next,keep fueling it.”


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