A Guinean woman, Sayyada Fanta Sangaré, has been arrested after she went viral for praying atop a body of water in the Western province.

She was said to have visited the sea and dropped a prayer rug on the surface while she stood on it to pray as beach goers watched in awe. Fans believed she had the supernatural powers to defy gravity to be able to pray on water.

It was discovered that Fanta actually placed her prayer mat on a wood on the shallow part of the sea. On her part, Fanta said “This is not a big deal to her because she and the water are all servants of Allah, and as long as a man will fear Allah and obey Allah and his prophet and pray for Allah and His prophet and pray for him, Allah can do everything He obeyed him including water and fir£?

According to africaguinee, Taouyah special police arrested Fanta on Thursday, June 22, 2023. However, police officials that arrested the lady later clarified that her offence was not connected to her having prayed on the waves. “Her act is not an offence. Why arrest her for that…?” a senior police official was quoted as saying.

The officer added; “She is there (police station) of course, but that is for another matter. It is a complaint brought against her by a citizen.” Africaguinee reports that investigations revealed there was a complaint filed against Fanta by someone but police did not disclose the reason for the complaint.

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