Kenneth Okonkwo, a Nigerian actor and lawyer, recently made a statement on Twitter regarding the Department of State Services (DSS) and the Nigerian judiciary.

In his tweet, he accused the DSS of mocking the Nigerian judiciary and alleged that planners of an interim government intend to use the courts to issue frivolous injunctions in order to truncate democracy. He also questioned whether the Nigerian courts have now become notorious injunction issuers and called on the DSS to expose them.

He said”The @OfficialDSSNG mocks the Nigerian judiciary. Alleges that planners of interim government intends to use them to truncate democracy by making them issue frivolous injunctions. Hmmm!! So Nigerian courts are now notorious injunction issuers? DSS should go further and expose them”

Okonkwo’s statement is significant as it raises concerns about the independence and integrity of the Nigerian judiciary, which is supposed to be a separate and coequal branch of government.

Moreover, Okonkwo’s statement highlights the danger of using the courts to achieve political ends. If the judiciary is perceived as being biased or compromised, it can erode public trust in the entire democratic system.




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