Brazilian football legend, Ronaldinho has revealed that former Super Eagles midfielder, Austine Okocha failed to actualise his full potentials after he made the decision to join Bolton Wanderers in the English Premier League.

Okocha, who was famous for is mesmerizing skills, moved to Bolton Wanderers in 2002 from Paris Saint-Germain (PSG).

The Brazilian who played alongside Austin Okocha during their time together at Paris Saint-Germain from 2001 to 2003, said they would watch the Nigerian freestyling during training.

According to the quotes made available by Frank KhalidUK, Ronaldinho believes Okocha would have received more recognition if he went to Italy, or Spain instead of England.

“Jay Jay Okocha, wow!! That man made football to listen to him. At training, we would watch him doing a freestyle, whatever he wanted to do, the ball would do it. But his problem is that he was too keen to move to England,” Ronaldinho said.

“I didn’t like the decision, at least in Italy or Spain, there, they allow you to play your skilled football without interfering with your play. In La Liga or Serie A, he would definitely get a chance to play for a big team, because they love skilled players over there. In England, you stand no chance of playing for a big team if you’re that skilled. They think it’s not necessary.”




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