Nigerians for Bold Actions (NfBA) with its Nigerian National Headquarters in FCT-Abuja, and spread across the States, LGAs and Wards of Nigeria, is pleased to present this congratulatory press conference and message to the bold Nigerians and also congratulate the President Elect of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, ASIWAJU BOLA AHMED TINUBU.

We are Professionals, Technocrats and Entrepreneurs whose efforts are sustained since 2018 and fundamentally work with all Nigerian Progressives. Early last year, 2022, we PUBLICLY ENDORSE, SUPPORT AND PROMOTE THE PRESIDENTIAL ASPIRATION OF TINUBU/SHETTIMA UNDER THE APC.

However we are here today to publicly congratulate the real heroes of our Democracy, the over twenty two (22) million Bold NIGERIANS whose participation had given credence to Nigeria’s Democracy and emergence of a brand new quintessential leader Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu and his Vice Senator Kashim SHETTIMA as the President Elect and Vice President Elect of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. We also congratulate the President Elect and his Vice on their victory at the polls, may God Almighty guide, protect and make you the source of profound blessings and prosperity to Nigeria.

Congratulations to all NIGERIANS, our Renewed Hope is here.

NFBA also wish to use this opportunity to appeal to all political candidates, most especially the first, second and third runer ups in the just concluded general elections, to please put the Nation first and give peace a chance. They should separate with candour, their expectations from the reality. Concocting unfounded stories of electoral malpractices where there are none, to elicit sympathy, smear fellow contestants and cause discord within the polity could damage their pure intentions aspirations and will be very dangerous to Nigeria’s well-being.

The issue of uploading results on the INEC Server which some of the oppositions latched on to spread stories of imagined malpractices, does not hold water. Let it be stated clearly here, we did not have electronic voting in Nigeria, what we had was manual voting with results being captured and transmitted electronically and easily accessible online. All participants at the polling Units can attest to this fact. The collation of which was also done manually. The introduction of BVAS was to impose credibility on our Elections which was done and delivered successfully. However servers must be secured against possible hacking attempts. The cornerstone of the collation process clearly revealed that results from the states were duly signed by party agents from across the divides, while the INEC at the National level merely assembled all the state results in the presence of national and international observers, with provision for parties to reasonably contest the validity of the presented and signed states’ results. There is no need for making emotional issues over a dispensable server upload which is already over 90% completed. The delay of which could easily be associated with contentions in the network and minor technical glitches that can easily be handled. Nigerians must not be further confused.

The INEC should be commended for a wonderful job, the Chairman’s focus and tenacity of purpose and commitment to entrench a culture of free and fair elections in Nigeria should be appreciated by all discerning Nigerians.
This year’s election is another milestone achieved in the drive towards revolutionizing the process and making it absolutely difficult, if not impossible, to rig elections in our dear country. It is to INEC’s credit, aided by the Electoral Act, that a lot of surprises were thrown up in areas hitherto least expected, to the benefit of the opposition in most cases. Nonetheless, INEC should learn from all the lapses experienced during this year’s electoral process, especially, the logistics area and work towards perfecting all the areas of need.

NFBA hereby commends President Muhammadu Buhari for making good his promise of aiding and supporting in all ways possible, the emergence of credible electoral process which was ironically exemplified in what happened in Katsina, Lagos, Plateau, Nasarawa and Yobe States, etc., despite the incumbency factor, which other people have deployed in full gear during previous electoral processes.

We hereby call on the President-in-Waiting, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, to give glory to Almighty GOD, Who made it possible for him to cross all the hurdles and obstacles on his way to attaining an overwhelming and unambiguous victory.
Tinubu/ Shettima must run an inclusive government, and give every Nigerian a sense of belonging. We cannot progress as a people if we only believe in our tribe, religion, and ethnic affiliation. He is neither an APC, Yoruba, or a Muslim president, but a president of every Nigerian irrespective of religious belief, language, creed, or tongue. Therefore, appointments should be based on ability, competency, capability, and true representation of the people.

The president has a key role to play in the war against corruption. He is the president, the number one citizen, and the leader of the country. He has to inspire us, live above board, deploy the force of personal example, and engender a society where transparency, accountability, and integrity are core values. He must as a matter of urgency resolve security challenges across the Country. He should run a purposeful government and be an exemplary leader of principles, decency, and honour.

The President Elect must focus more on economic, technological, social, and political regeneration that will improve the living standard of Nigerians. We are tired of suffering and living in the hope of a better tomorrow. We are already impatient as it is and in dire need of radical reforms that would encourage productivity, manufacturing, and businesses from micro to large. We need radical reforms on all fronts. He must make critical decisions on petroleum subsidies, multiple exchange rates by the CBN, and taxes.

Finally, our President Elect with his team must come with revolution of ideas, ideals, policies, and actions that will positively impact millions of our people and shift our thinking away from negativities, mutual hatred, and suspicion, a sense of scarcity rather than abundance, and loss of hope in an otherwise hopeful, resourceful, and blessed country. There are enough opportunities here in Nigeria, to make an impact and live an accomplished life. Every society is dynamic, therefore, we must keep moving, evolving, improving, and progressing. Tinubu’s programs must address youth concerns; particularly quality education for today’s world, real employment creation, and good governance. He must pay attention to police brutality and extra-judicial killings. Each policy formulated should be well thought out, implemented, and should include a robust feedback mechanism and overall evaluation.

Our President Elect must understand that power is transient and about purpose, principle, and value. As he said in his speech, “Let us begin to heal and bring calm to our nation.” This nation needs rebirth and real peace.

Your Excellency should remember that the teeming masses of this nation are the ones who elected you into the exalted office of the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, therefore, your appointees should be people with compassion and connection to humanity which will enable your Government to connect with the masses for its eventual success and delivery of the dividends of good governance.

We wish the President-Elect and his team, God’s guidance, blessings and protection as he prepares to steer the ship of the nation to greater heights.
May Nigeria succeed.

Engr. Dr. Taofeek Olayinka Ayinde, JP (DR LEE), Mayegun Alakala, Iwoland.
National Chairman, Nigerians for Bold Actions.

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