Maazi Chukwudiaso Onyema has decided that he’d rather be rich on earth than go to heaven as he demands Dunamis church return his tithe.

In a video shared by Ambassador TV (@chikakaty1 on TikTok), Onyema requested that the Dunamis International Gospel Center repay all tithes he had paid the organization in the past.

Clutching his tithe card, Onyema claimed he’d been brainwashed as he paid tithe to the international church. He complained that he was currently “suffering” and had calculated all of the money he had paid through his tithing card and wished to have the sum returned to him. He clarified that this did not include offerings or donations that he had given to the church.

In the video, Onyema claimed to have joined the Dunamis church in 2008 and was instructed to save wealth for himself in heaven through tithes. In the now-viral TikTok, Onyema displayed two certificates he’d received after completing religious training with the organizations. He said that he didn’t have money anymore, and wanted his tithe returned to him, stating that he did not care if he went to heaven or not.
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