Social media users have reacted to photos of a pretty 7-year-old girl, Wasilat, with natural blue eyes.

The girl’s story was shared on Facebook by a woman, Tima Wire, who came in contact with the youngster.

Tima revealed that contrary to many people’s assumption that the kid used blue contact lenses, it is actually natural.

“Wow the girl I met today she’s so beautiful with her eye balls,” she wrote while sharing pictures she took with the girl.

In a chat with Legitng, she said, “Her name is Wasilat although she’s not anyhow related to me I just met her at my mum’s village then I decided to take a shoot with and post for people to see the wonderful things God is doing.”

“I saw people commenting that is a disease but I went to her mum and ask even everyone around said it was born with it.”

“She’s 7 years old and she’s the only one that has it in the family. She’s from Kogi state and she was born with it.”

The photos triggered massive reactions as netizens shared their controversial thoughts. Some reactions are shown below:

Echero Favour said, “The eyes are beautiful but it’s a defect that might affect her hearing in future but we pray it doesn’t by God’s Grace…..”

Queen Eneji Ngeeh said, “Well…i wont doubt it bcs a deacon in my church has green colour and d children has different colours like brown..grey blue except one wit normal dark eyes.”

Esther Nwachukwu said, “I hope she isn’t possessed?? “In some big private schools in Nigeria, so many parent will withdraw their children from that school because of her, and they won’t let their kid be in the same class with her.”

Shiela Chuhwak said, “Leave this girl alone, I don’t know why you think it’s okay to constantly put her up in social media…… maybe this is without her or her parents permission. You did it once, you are doing it again.”





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