A young man caused a scene at a car wash stand when he acted in a strange manner that left many people confused.

He drove his Mercedes Benz to the car wash and asked them to clean it, however as that was being done, he stripped to his underwear and alighted

In a video posted on social media, the lad then asked the attendant to use his water hose and give him a bath in public.

He knelt down while still topless and the attendant did as requested, but people kept watching him wondering if he was mentally stable.

Some reactions culled below:*

LolI can’t be the only one that feels it isn’t drugs just normal cruise

I need his plug number

wavecelebritygist’s profile picture
Lowkey I want this pressure shower

I don’t think this one is smoke oo. The guy is just passing through a lot and needs to cool off his hot head.

after a very stressful day na this kind bath I Dey find

Bro just needed a bath 😂😂😂

Person come down from Benz c300 unscratched you talk say na drug Nawa




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