The presidential candidate of the All Progressive Congress (APC), Bola Ahmed Tinubu has said the issue of estimated billing for electricity will become a thing of the past if he becomes president.

The former Lagos state governor stated these at a luncheon with business owners titled ‘business forward’ on Thursday, December 22, 2022, in Lagos.

Speaking further, Tinubu promised that Nigerians will not have to deal with the challenge of multiple foreign exchange (FX) rates if he is elected President.

Currently, Nigeria operates two foreign exchange (FX) markets: one is the official central bank rate, while the other is at the parallel section also known as black market.

Although the parallel segment is more accessible to traders and businesses who need FX, the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) has consistently maintained that it represents less than one percent of forex transactions and should never be used to determine the exchange rate.

Speaking at the event, Tinubu said if he is elected, Nigerians would no longer pay estimated billing for electricity.

Estimated billing is a type of electricity payment system whereby the distribution companies (DisCos) bill consumers for power consumption without the aid of any meter (postpaid or prepaid). This usually results in charging customers way more than the power consumed.

“By all means, you must have electricity. And you won’t pay for estimated billing anymore. When I become president, multiple exchange rates will go away. Write it down,” he said.

“My discussion today is to inspire so that the promise of today can be a reality tomorrow. We promise you, we will bring prosperity to Nigeria”

Fuel Subidy Removal

Tinubu promised to take bold decisions that will turn the economy around, including removing fuel subsidy, which has rendered the country vulnerable and broke.

According to the APC candidate, Nigeria will not continue to subsidise fuel consumption in neighbouring countries.

He said: “How can we be subsidising fuel consumption of Cameroon, of Niger, of Benin Republic. No matter how long you protest, we are going to remove subsidy. We can do it. We are educated enough.”



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