A Danish television channel, TV 2 News, has apologised for comparing the Moroccan national football team and their supportive relatives to a family of monkeys.

Earlier in the week, a host with TV 2 NEWS, Christian Andersen, during its ‘Current Affairs’ program compared the Moroccan team players hugging their mothers and celebrating with them on the field to a family of monkeys hugging.

The families of the Moroccan team have been gaining recognition for the way they have showed support for the team during the World Cup.

Outrage had trailed the action of the TV and it’s host.

The Danish TV’s apology was issued on Saturday by the Editor-in-chief of TV 2 NEWS, Anne Svane, on their website.

“We deeply apologise that a host on TV 2 NEWS made a comment that is both wrong and offensive. Although it was not the intention of the host, it is a remark that both our host and TV 2 dissociate from. This was a clear mistake, we apologise for it, and we will take it into account in our work at TV 2 NEWS.”

Apologising about the comparison too, the host, Anderson said, “I am very sorry that I made a completely wrong comparison. It was never my intention, but it is both wrong and offensive, and I would like to apologise for that.”




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