A domesticated monkey that does dishes and other chores has been rescued by authorities after locals voiced concerns.

It is believed the rescued monkey is the same animal that terrorised a neighbourhood where he was spotted sharpening knives.

The capuchin monkey was rescued from Serra Negra Farm, a rural area in Aroazes, Brazil last Friday, December 9, after locals made reports about a monkey interacting with them who showed similar behaviours to the infamous monkey Chico.

Chico is a monkey who caused chaos in the city of Corrente, 530 miles away from Aroazes.

He went viral on social media back in June after locals shot a video of him sharpening a knife that he wouldn’t put down.

He is also reported to have been stealing people’s clothes and was spotted washing dishes.

He was captured at the time and microchipped before being released back into the wild in a forest.

But employees at the Aroazes Department of the Environment, as well as locals to the region, believe that the monkey they’ve recently rescued is Chico, due to his similar domesticated behaviours as well as Aroazes being close to where he was released earlier this year.

Rescuers took the recently rescued animal to Teresina Zoo and Botanical Park, where they have been working on confirming his identity.

The trained monkey is also receiving medical treatment from a team of veterinarians from the Brazilian Institute of the Environment and Renewable Natural Resources, reports Brazilian news agency Metrópoles.

On Saturday, December 10, veterinarians at the Wild Animal Screening Center (CETAS) of the Zoobotanic Biopark of Teresina identified the number of the microchip on the monkey they captured.

With this number, they’ll now be able to confirm whether the monkey really is Chico.

Authorities said if they discover the animal they have, is the troublesome Chico captured for a second time, then biologists will have to evaluate whether it would be better to have him adopted.




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