I mean it!
It is unacceptable
Even if it is innate in you
You must purge it out

No way.
We are not going to agree with this.
Though, so far, so good, you
Are doing well but
This one is absolute nonsense
It so in deed, act and in conception
This should not be.
And we cannot accept this

How can the Governor of Ekiti State Mr Biodun Abayomi Oyebanji
The brand new Governor Who has just spent only two months in the saddle.Should be found with this kind of mannerism?


We are not going to accept this unexpected behaviour from him
What is even wrong with him?

Although it has been in him
Before he became the Governor
Of Ekiti State.

The Yoruba adage that says ‘ EFI ni iwa ( no amount of pretence can alter one behavioural pattern for long)
It is a fact that a Leopard cannot change its spots.


You will concur with me if you can withdraw your emotion and dispassionately read this piece to its end that this Governor needs to purge himself of this old mannerism of his by force and fire.

The truth of the matter is that he is now the Governor and MUST up his ante particularly as the level has changed.

Governor Biodun Oyebanji should and MUST be Governatorial in act, deed and gait.
He must realise that the paradigm has shifted.

That he is no longer the Biodun Oyebanji, the son of Baba Teacher of Ikogosi.

He should realise the Lord has placed him above every other person in Ekiti State.

He as we are talking is above the Law
This is because he is the law as far as Ekiti State is concerned.

Gov Oyebanji should be confident to sway left, swag right, swing sideways and swivel backwards forward and rotate anywhere in Ekiti because he holds the sword of Damocles

He has the Red Biro in his capacity to butcher and scatter anything ‘ scatterable’
And he could in his Gubernatorial excellency hack off the head of anybody with impunity.
He has the immunity to do so

He should realise that he is the No1 person in Ekiti who we all worship, adore and venerate now.

Thus he should enjoy the momentous tenure and ‘ chop the life off his head’
It is shameful. that despite being the Governor for two months, Mr BiodunO yebanji is still wearing the toga of who he was before his being sworn in.

I was ashamed of him on Wednesday when I was unfortunate to be in his office.
This man has forgotten that he is the Governor of Ekiti State who has the wholesome authority to summon whoever he wishes and to attend to that person in his own time.

He has forgotten that, if he gives an appointment to someone for 2 o’clock, he has the unrestricted liberty to attend to the fellow at the time he wishes, the worst the fellow can do is to leave and in that case at his peril.

Is he not the one who wishes to see the Governor?

He has forgotten that he owes nobody any apology if he failed to keep to time.
This humiliating part of the story of Governor Oyebanji is the fact he still conducts himself diligently as a timekeeper who hates what we term African time.

Imagine him giving an appointment for some common Ekiti men to see him by 1 pm on Wednesday.

Imagine a whole Governor remembering to put a call to them at 1 pm on the dot that he was held down downstairs and will be with them.

Imagine a whole Governor who is supposed to walk majestically into his office behaving like the Lord of the manor but humbly ventured into the reception of his office tendering an apology and explaining why he was 10 minutes behind schedule to some insignificant fellows?

A whole Governor!
Why should he carry the time consciousness and timekeeping mannerism which distinguished him from others when he was the SSG to the Governor’s office?

Has he forgotten that he is the Boss-General who is supposed not to have respect for time?

Has he forgotten that being the Governor is a hallowed status hence he needs not stampede himself to be prompt and punctual at events and talk less than offering an apology for coming late to an occasion.

How can a whole Governor of a State be a good listener who will listen to a common man and refuse to claim that he knows it all?

Who will tell him that he should remove or purge himself of the mannerism of being humble and wear the garment of pride and arrogance?

Who will tell Gov Oyebanji to borrow the name of Dino – Melaye( I never thought I could be great ) and allow stupidity of greatness to rule his sense of reasoning?

Who will tell him that his Status has changed, thus, he has to withhold his natural behaviour of being factual, being down to Earth, being in himself and being the homeboy?

Kindly tell Gov Oyebanji that his sense of keeping to time, his robust sense of humility and his natural penchant of given respect to every human being who crosses his path is barbaric, outdated unacceptable, embarrassing and unfit for his new post and status ‘

Truly Ekiti now has a home-based and home-grown Governor
Inhokun ooo

Amb Wale Ojo-Lanre
Ibipeju Oniru Chamber
Upper Ogudu River
Irede Estate
Usi – Ekiti






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