The Tinubu family in Lagos has urged Nigerians to discard the rumour surrounding the Presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Asiwaju Bola Tinubu’s background, health and age.

The family maintained that Aiwaju is a bonafide son of Tinubu’s family, while reassuring that the presidential candidate’s health, like any other person older than 60 years old, is being managed well.

Speaking with The Guardian, Chairman planning Committee, Dr. Ade Ekemode urged Nigerians to give Asiwaju a chance to set things right in the country, noting that Nigeria is currently at a crossroads.

Ekemode, who is also the Olori ebi Sanusi wing of the Tinubu family, urged Nigerians to consider Asiwaju for the position of presidency by voting massively for him during the 2023 election.


He said: “We know what Lagos State was before Asiwaju became the governor. He helped to develop Lagos by generating revenue for the state even when the Federal Government deprived it of its allocation.

“He wasn’t bothered, he looked inward and generated revenue and developed the state. He has achieved a lot in the history of politics in Nigeria. The economy of Lagos state has now become among the top five in Africa. He has also developed men. When you compare him with the other aspirants you will find out that he has achieved a lot, and none of them can be compared to him.

“There’s no one that cannot be challenged in his or her health, the only thing is to be able to manage it, and that is why we have doctors. Asiwaju is enjoying good health.

“There is one thing I want people to know, I am speaking now as a medical personnel. People have been saying whether Tinubu is a bona fide Tinubu’s son or not, I am speaking categorically as a doctor, if you carry out Tinubu’s DNA, you will see that it’s positive, I am putting my 59 years experience on the line for that.

“Nigeria is at a crossroad now, and we believe that Tinubu is the only person that will help us solve the country’s problem and take us to the Promised Land. He will get over the confusion. If he emerges the president, Nigeria will have a new leaf because he will do what is supposed to be done. Non-indigene come to Lagos and they excel, they even feel more at home than in their state.”

On the Muslim-Muslim ticket choice of Asiwaju’s candidacy, Ekemode said believers of Muslim and Christian faith in the Southwest see themselves as family, urging Nigerians to consider the competency of his candidature.

“I appeal to Nigerians, Nigeria is at a crossroads and we have to be true to ourselves, we have to look at who is going to solve the problem, lets leave ethnicity, let’s leave religion, let’s consider who is going to do it, we all know, its Asiwaju.”

Asiwaju, who was also present at the event urged his family members to encourage Nigerians to collect their Permanent Voter Cards (PVCs).




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