…Fasoranti prayed for Tinubu but Afenifere endorsed Obi

General Secretary of the Pan-Yoruba Socio-Political Group, Afenifere,  Olusola Ebiseni, has declared that the Akure, Ondo State visit of the All Progressive Congress, APC, Presidential Candidate, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, to immediate past leader of the group, Pa Reuben Fasoranti, last week, was a repentance visit, not for an endorsement.

Ebiseni said this while featuring on Arise Television interview, monitored by Vanguard.

He also said that the fact that Pa Fasoranti prayed for Tinubu did not erode the endorsement of Peter Obi by the Yoruba apex group because “for those that do not understand the working of Afenifere, once the acting leader is appointed, the leader becomes more or less ceremonial.”

Ebiseni dismissed insinuations that Afenifere was in disarray over its positions on the preferred presidential candidate in the 2023 election, saying: “What is important, however, is that the gathering at Pa Fasoranti’s house was not an Afenifere meeting.

“Those who created Afenifere Renewal Group to frustrate Fasoranti leadership from 2008 to the end of  March 2021 and still fighting Ayo Adebanjo were gathered at Fasoranti’s  house to worship at his feet and seek for forgiveness for their transgressions against Afenifere and our Leaders.

“They were on a repentance mission, removed their caps and Fasoranti laid his hand on their heads. It wasn’t an Afenifere meeting. Afenifere is an institution of international reputation. It cannot descend so low as to call its meeting through such   cheap and anonymous social media platform. Afenifere had nothing to do with it.

“Papa Fasoranti, as a distinguished statesman, is father to all and reserves the power to welcome all including those who now pretend to have turned a new leaf in their war against him and his leadership of Afenifere.

“They are only Yoruba and claim to defend its interests only when their ambition is involved. Mulikat Adeola Akande was already nominated and she was already as good for the office of the Speaker of the House of Representatives.

“They forgot she is Yoruba when they formed alliance by which their ACN voted against her and made Aminu Tambuwal, a Fulani the Speaker. Bisi Akande confirmed in his book that President Jonathan consulted and lobbied him and Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu for Mulikat Adeola but they worked against her in preference for Tambuwal who was also in PDP and not their own ACN.

To buttress that the Akure meeting was not an Afenifere meeting, EbisenI, said that “The notice of that meeting was issued in the name of a WhatsApp group, Conscience of Yoruba Nation.

“Those who expressed political inclination at any time were gathered in the WhatsApp group and my brother, Kola Omololu, said he was the Director General.

“He issued a meeting notice and told people that we are going to hold a meeting in respect of Asiwaju Bola Tinubu’s presidency, and Pa Fasoranti has agreed to preside over the meeting. The duration of that meeting was 11am to 1pm, two hours.

“My brother, I told you here that there was one that was debated from July 29, 2021 to September 27, 2022; 14 months of debate compared to two hours of jamboree. Is that an endorsement? Baba has the power to bless anyone. I give you an example. In 2019, Afenifere endorsed Atiku Abubakar. Several others still came and Baba prayed for them.

On why Fasoranti’s prayers would not erode Peter Obi’s endorsement by the group, he said: “Pa Fasoranti, in his handover speech, said one of the tasks confronting us is to stop a section of the country from dominating Nigeria. Look at the domination from Shehu Shagari, Yar’Adua to Buhari. Can’t you see a section of the country? And if you come to the South, you see it from Shonekan, Obasanjo, and Professor Osinbajo down the line, and you now say Yoruba lo kan? How do you run a country like that?

“Let me tell you what will happen in 2023. If the presidential candidate of the PDP wins, you would have created an impression in this country that, notwithstanding your feelings, a person of northern extraction can be president of Nigeria no matter what anybody says.

“If the presidential candidate of the APC wins, you will now have a trajectory of rotation between the Yoruba and the Fulani. Peter Obi’s candidacy is a revolution to change Nigeria. “

“It is part of the restructuring that Nigeria will be restructured in such a way that every ethnic nationality will have a sense of belonging.”




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