Sex enhancement merchant, Hauwa Saidu aka Jaruma has begged for the adoption of two of the kids of celebrity car dealer IVD with his late wife, Bimbo.

The ‘kayanmata’ seller requested to adopt two out of deceased’s five children so that she could give them the best motherly care ever in the world.

She promised to give them the best quality of life money can afford, buy dual citizenship for them, open fixed bank accounts in those two countries and so many more mouthwatering promises.

She wrote: “Bimbo has 5 children, I’m begging all Nigerians to give 2 of them to Jaruma

“1. Jaruma will give them the BEST QUALITY of life that money can buy.!!!

“2. Jaruma will buy dual Citizenship for both of them in Grenada and Saint Kitts Nevis.

“3. Jaruma will pay their school fees from play group all the way to secondary to university & to masters.!!

“4. Jaruma will open fixed bank accounts in Grenada & Skn for both of them which means by the time they are 18years, they will have ATLEAST N80,000,000 Million Naira.

“5. Rich Kids Lifestyle: They will learn how to drive in a Mercedes Benz Formatic C400 just like their Mother Jaruma

“6. Since Jaruma is now on the Biggest realty TV in the world. The Biggest international franchise in the world, Nigerians will be so happy to watch & follow their growth to see how Jaruma is catering for them on The Real Housewives Of Dubai & Also Real Housewives Of Abuja.”

The celebrity auto dealer’s wife, Bimbo died in hospital last week reportedly of domestic violence.

Her sister, Mama Jazz announced this, in an Instagram post on Saturday, October 15 where she accused IVD of killing her sister and wife.






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