By: Charles Awuzie


20:10:2020 – the day motherland swallowed her sons for demanding an end to police brutality and demand better treatment of our police officers.

We weren’t fighting only for the civilian population, we were also fighting for those who ended up silencing us.
For the sake of:
Victor Sunday Ibanga

Abuta Solomon Jide

Olalekan Abideen Ashafa

Olamilekan Ajasa

Kolade Salami

Folorunsho Olabisi

Kenechukwu Ugoh

Nathaniel Solomon

And many others who paid the ultimate sacrifice to awaken our national consciousness, we shall REJECT THOSE WHO BULLIED US WITH THE POWER WE GAVE THEM.

Fellow Nigerians, Olalekan Abideen Ashafa was a Yoruba Muslim – the bullets didn’t care about his religion or region before crushing his soul.

Kenechukwu Ugoh was an Igbo Christian, he too lost his life.

In 2023, only a fool will vote for tribe or religion.

Vote your conscience as a youth.

Don’t empower those who will tell you to SHUT UP while they are campaigning. Imagine what they will do when they take over power.

We will never forget this day and we urge the Office of the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to declare 20th October a public holiday to remember the young activists who lost their lives fighting for a better Nigeria. If this government doesn’t do so, the Peter Obi government shall immortalize this day.

Long Live Nigeria.

Long Live the spirit of the victims of #EndSARS .

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