Reverend Father Mbaka, the Spiritual Director of Adoration Ministry, Enugu, Nigeria (AMEN), has denied prophesying against the presidential candidate of the Labour Party (LP), Peter Obi.

Father Mbaka in a new video on the AMEN’s official page, stated that he never mentioned the former Anambra State governor’s name during his sermon.

There had been reports that during a Sunday mass last week, the clergyman had uttered some prophecy against Obi, however, in his reply, Fr Mbaka advised those he termed purveyors of the fake news to apologize.

In further attempts to clear the air, Mbaka said “After handing over to Fr Anthony Amadi on Sunday, I started hearing that Fr Mbaka spoke against Peter Obi.

“I, Rev Fr Mbaka on that Sunday never mentioned Peter not to talk of Obi. Please whoever is being used by the devil to blackmail me in the name of doing any job for anybody, is satanic and should apologize, withdraw such nefarious, and satanic utterances and be careful when you want to harm the image of a man of God.

“Whoever did that, I have forgiven you, but I want to hear that you have apologized and withdrew what you said against me on that day. Just to put the Adoration ministry in trouble.

“Please as I have said, I heard some people are planning to protest. I have not asked anybody to protest for me. And I don’t want to hear that there is any protest done to express anger towards my journey to the monastery.

“Help me fellow adorers to stop any kind of protest that anybody will carry on my behalf to please me. Instead of the protest, or demonstration geared towards helping me, it may jeopardize my priestly call.

“Therefore, encourage peace, encourage love, within this time and do more prayers, and God of heaven will do the rest for us in Jesus name.”

There were also rumors suggesting that Mbaka had been removed from his position as spiritual director of AMEN, however, the Reverend Father stated that the information is wrong.

According to him, the mother church recommended that he spends some time in solitude at a monastery, a necessity hinged on the need for Mbaka to hear what the Spirit of God had to tell him.

Mbaka said, “I want to use this opportunity to bless you, encourage you as I depart to the monastery in obedience to my Bishop, His Lordship Callistus Onaga, I am going to the monastery under priestly obedience and I wish to encourage you fellow adorers to remain calm and be still.

“This is a time we shall know real adorers. Please back me with your prayers so that I will go and embark on deeper reflection, sober contemplations and interior waiting on the Lord.

“I want to assure you that God has plans for us for a future and hope and not of disaster. Use this opportunity to call on God for integral wellness and well-being of the adoration ministry that is the apple of God’s eyes.
“I wish to inform you fellow adorers that this is not a time to be cantankerous, sorrowful, and angry unnecessarily.

“Stand up in faith and I plead, do not give the devil any opportunity. As a catholic priest, I must obey the mother church under the vow of obedience. Please, in my absence don’t do anything that is awful, anything in any way shape of form give the devil iota of glory. Let us not fall into any trap that the devil has set.”

He urged all members of the Adoration Ministry to remain steadfast in prayer and obey Father Anthony Amadi, who will lead in the ministry while he is away.

Mbaka assured his followers that he will return to them in no time. (Channels TV).




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