A Paper Delivered By Prof. Chris Mustapha Nwaokobia Jnr. At A Seminar Organized By The OBI/DATTI CAMPAIGN ORGANIZATION For Leaders Of Markets And Businesses In The Federal Capital Territory, Abuja On The 7th Day Of September, 2022.


The success of every legitimate Business and trade in any society, State or nation is almost always the sum of the credibility of leadership, the believability of the economic policy of government, and the sincere commitment of leadership to etch new paradigms for the common good.

Where the credibility of leadership is thin the business environment suffers for fear of policy summersaults, self-serving policies and less than proper people oriented trade programs. Where corruption thrives business and trade is jeopardized and jaundiced as a result of fraudulent and self-serving taxes and levies. And where impunity is the name of the monitoring and regulating Agencies, business and trade suffers.

The global call for ease of doing business must be heeded not only on paper but in action. The anti-corruption Agencies must be up and doing, and they must protect legitimate businesses whilst effectively policing and protecting the space against fraudulent and illegal business and trade.

Drawing from the premise above captured, we can appreciate the reason the Presidential Candidate of the Labour Party H.E Peter Obi brings a breath of fresh air to the political space. We can understand why there is palpable faith and hope across the nation. And we can connect with the reality and the urgency of now.

For so long has Nigeria and Nigerians coveted a time like this. Our nation and people have craved for a new dispensation and a new order in leadership. The young and the old are unanimous in their choice of the candidacy of Peter Obi as the path to a New Nigeria. Indeed without an ounce of equivocation, Nigerians across creed and clan agree that Peter Obi is the face of a New Nigeria.

Peter Obi comes to the table with amazing score in competency, in capacity, in credibility, in integrity, in passion, in humaneness and humanity, in believability, and Peter Obi is a successful business man and a foremost trader. The impact of a Peter Obi Presidency on Business and trade will therefore be monstrous, magnificent and huge.

Peter Obi understands the language of business and trade. He will ensure that under his watch there will be no wanton and reckless policy summersaults inimical to business and trade. He will ensure that Government Agencies involved with the regulation, monitoring and enforcement of Business and Trade policies are effective, fair, just, efficient, effectual and honest.

He will ensure that critical infrastructure key to business growth and key to trade development are constructed, and that the available ones are maintained. Such critical infrastructure like Power, Roads and the Rail network will like Peter Obi has always said attract the prime attention of government. And this will booster business and trade.

He will ensure that the policies and procedures regarding the ease of doing business is functional and not a mere normative often hyped on paper. He will ensure that businesses and trade are supported having pronounced that his Government will turn the nation and it’s economy around by making Nigeria production based. Indeed a Productive economy will open great Business and Trade frontiers locally and internationally. Not only is the ‘Production above Consumption’ agenda profound, it will drive commerce and engender boisterous trade and business, and it will inspire massive improvement in the standard of living of the average person.

A government that comes to power through the humongous goodwill of the people as evident in the ObiDatti Movement across the nation is most likely going to win the war against insecurity, and pursue far-reaching economic policy rework. It goes without saying therefore that the Agricultural sector will come back alive, that commerce and industry will thrive, and that foreign direct investment will soar, and most definitely it will lead to a boom in Business and Trade.

With improvement in the security of the nation will come a new lease of life for business in Nigeria. And clearly with Peter Obi as the next Commander-in-Chief of Federal Republic of Nigeria God willing will come a resurgence in the Agricultural sector, and improvement in food sufficiency, in Agri-business and in the growth of agro-allied companies, industries and businesses.

A Peter Obi Presidency will network with the World Trade Organization presently headed by a Nigerian Prof Ngozi Okonjo Iweala for the purposes of improving on the nation’s balance of Trade and Investment. And shall most definitely restore investor confidence in Nigeria.

When Peter Obi becomes President come May 2023, an administration that gives primacy to fiscal discipline and responsible financial protocol will be in place. That government will review the many levies and taxes that stifle growth in business and trade. That government will ensure that the Central Bank, The Bank of Industry, and all government owned Financial Institutions that should support Trade and Business live true to their brief. And the government will regulate Business and Trade through policies that work for positive growth and progress.

A Peter Obi Presidency shall benefit from the monstrous international goodwill that attends his candidacy, and this will translate to massive foreign direct investment because the international community is keen on doing business with Nigeria, and the credibility and believability of the government in place will go a long way to improving local and international business and trade. Indeed we can comfortably make huge conjectures that a Peter Obi Presidency shall make Nigeria the hub of trade and investment in Africa.

Compatriots, the days ahead are unusual and unusual times demand unusual approach and action. We must chose the path to national rebirth, the path to a nation that works, the path to improved trade and business, the path to patriotism, the path to discipline over impunity, the path to frugality over PROFLIGACY, and the path to a better and secured Nigeria. That path Countrymen and women is Peter Obi, and the pathway is the Labour Party. It is therefore incumbent on all of us knowing that hunger and insecurity is indiscriminate of religion and region. Knowing that joblessness and poverty is indiscriminate of creed or clan to unite and take back our Country for good.

Go tell someone to tell someone that together with Peter Obi and the Labour Party we can birth and berth a NEW NIGERIA that works for all.

God Bless Nigeria.

Chris Mustapha Nwaokobia Jnr.
Member OBI/DATTI Presidential Campaign Organization.

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