Investigative Journalist, David Hundeyin has exposed an online news platform behind fake news content targeted to discredit the year 2023 President candidate of Labour Party (LP), Peter Obi.

Reports by the international Journalist are a below;

“Podium Reporters” is a fake news content mill run by Seyi Falufosi, owner of @theonekshop and a web developer BMC operative too dumb to conceal her own internet footprint, to the extent of inadvertently revealing that the APC is directly behind this operation.

This dumbass didn’t just build a fake news site dedicated to attacking Peter Obi, myself, Rinu and anyone else considered to be anti-regime, but she also put her company’s name stamp at the end.

So of course I went digging to see who is behind it.

Turns out that this lady regularly interacts with DOlusegun and 4EyedMonkey on Facebook, with so little attention to basic Op-Sec that within 2 clicks on her page, you can access a phone number that links directly to her.

But that’s just the start of how dumb this lady is.

A refined string search of the name “Seyi Falufosi” brings up a reference to a Seyi Falufosi on, a website that keeps records of website traffic, domain owners, who registered websites etc.

Her full name appears on the page, alongside a contact telephone number and an email address,

So naturally, I carried out exact string searches for both pieces of information, and what came next illustrates APC’s tremendous lack of basic intellect.

Another reference showed up, this time for a website called

You didn’t misread that – an official APC website that is regularly referenced here by APC operatives. And what is more……

What is more, this dumbass went and put her actual government name, telephone numbers and physical address on public record to register this website for the APC.

This is all publicly available information. I’m not doxxing her.

I even used WhatsApp to check the phone number she provided when registering, and sure enough, it checked out.

All. Publicly. Available. Information.

A whole entire dunce.

“Rinu And DJ Switch Denied Asylum”

“David Hundeyin Hiding In Benin Republic”

That’s the building where the fake news factory producing these stories is coming from.

Number 3, Olaiya Street, Alausa, Ikeja, Lagos.

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