Nollywood actress Sylvia Ukaatu has revealed how she’ll survive in the present economy of Nigeria.

The single mum-of-one in a chat with Saturday Sun while lamenting on the poor economic situation of the country, revealed that she is ready for high bid ‘hookups.’

“This year has been a blessing despite the ups and downs surrounding our country. It has made me delve into other businesses to survive; Businesses like clothing and real estate. It has affected all, nobody is an exception of this. Is it hunger that I should talk about or inflation of goods and human services.

In fact, these days young ladies are looking for all means to survive by agreeing to sex for money and all. They are into hookup as it is now called and even if they have business idea, where is the capital to start it. That’s why I don’t judge anyone because if I see any high bid hookup, I go do oh,” she said.



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