Nigerian Muslims have expressed shock seeing Isma’eel Khalid, an alleged devoted muslim participating in the BBNaija Season 7.

Blaze Newz gathered that Khalid alongside twenty three housemates will be featuring in the reality TV show which will last for three months.

According to organizers of the TV show, the 2022 7th BBNaija will start July 23rd and 24th, will be aired till Sunday October 3rd, 2022.

Speaking on Khalid,Lawal Taiwo Abubakri expressed shock on how Khalid successful got enrolled and subtituted with hundreds of the BBNaija applicants.

“Should we Muslim have the effontery telling others we are muslim in an embarrassing, filthy and lots of negativity environment or gathering”, Abubakri queries.

“Khalid who said he has been a well practicing Muslim, should have this considered,will he be notified by other roommates when it’s time for solat ?

“Is there room dedicated for him for the remembrance of Allah in the gathering of atrocities?

“Will he be moved among his roommate to hasten to prayer when it reaches ?

“What will be the organizers decision about him when he tell them he’s going for jum’ah service on Fridays ?

“For the numbers of months Khalid is gonna use won’t be touch or read Qur’an or even try to wake up for tahajjud?.

Also, in his own reaction,Hammed Ajadi Omobalogun Kobomoje “I don’t think its time to judge him nw, cus we dnt knw his own intention towards that , Allah knows best.”



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