Governor of Ogun State Dapo Abiodun has made a cautious statement over Thursday comment by a presidential Aspirant on the platform of the All Progressive Congress Bola Tinubu president who referred to him as “Eleyi.”
Tinubu, while speaking to delegates of Ogun state in Abeokuta, had made reference to the Governor whom he said could not have become
Governor if not for his own magnanimity.
Tinubu also said it’s more than 25 years that he had been raring some of his political followers.
He said it was time he too benefited from his gestures to elevating others to power.
Many have commented on Tinubu’s comments where he also said President Muhammadu Buhari could not have become President if not for him.
But in a veiled reference on Friday, the Ogun Governor had said “I am not an emperor by any chance and this is not my family inheritance.

“I am holding this position in trust for all the people of this state and I have vowed to be fair, just and equitable and this is the solemn agreement I made between the Almighty God and myself.”
Tinubu’s statements in Abeokuta have sent some waves within the All Progressive Congress stalwarts who believe that his utterances indicated the drawing of a battle line with Buhari.
All have not been well within the APC since Tuesday when Buhari dropped suggesting he might be interested in recommending a particular aspirant of his choice to the party.
The President had demanded from the governors to let their interests and his own converge.

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