Amina Mohammed, a Nigerian woman, has narrated her ordeal in the camp of the terrorists in Sambisa Forest, Borno State, citing the terrorists’ addiction to drugs and how they have “s#x like horses.”

Mohammed and her husband – a fighter – with some members of the Boko Haram group lived under small, unnoticed tarpaulin tents inside Sambisa forest, northeastern Nigeria.

According to a report by HumAngle, she recalled how they were trying not to be seen by a Nigerian military aircraft that was hovering above their heads.

Regardless, in the middle of the real tension and ensuing danger, Mohammed (Amina) saw her husband moving toward her corner of the tent with a common expression. She already knew what was to come and prepared herself for it.

The s#x was so aggressive that it numbed out her inner thighs.

He was her third Boko Haram husband, the other two having died — the first, by execution, and the second at the war front. So, by then, she understood the practice. It did not make it any less tolerable.

According to HumAngle Investigation, she said, “They make love like horses,” while referring to their strength in s#x.

She continued: “They only care about their satisfaction. Even when you complain of tiredness, they won’t let you be, as long as you are not on your period, they don’t care. They have s#x anywhere, even when we are under attack. Sometimes, even under the tree.”

Even now that she has returned to town, she hears comments about her marriageability.

“People see me and whisper among each other that no man can s#xually please any woman who has been married to a Boko Haram member before,” Amina said.

The Boko Haram members are not only s#xually aggressive but also drug addicts.

Amina narrated that there was a day she asked her husband for N500 to buy tomatoes for food, he not only denied having the amount, he nearly became violent towards her. It would not have been the first time.

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