Embattled Yoruba Nation activist, Sunday Adeyemo popularly known as Sunday Igboho, has said that the situuation in Benin Republic prison and Benin Republic as a country is better than Nigeria.

Sunday Igboho who spoke on Sunday during a conversation with the leader of the Ilana Omo Oodua, Prof Banji Akintoye; his deputy, Prof Wale Adeniran, and a few others in the Republic of Benin, said throughout the seven months he spent in the Benin Republic prison, there was no blackout.

He added that the prison never ran out of water.

His statement comes at a time Nigeria is facing a nationwide blackout due to the most recent national grid collapse on Friday. Cities including the Federal Capital Territory have been left without any power supply throughout the weekend.

According to the Nigerian Minister of Power, Aliyu Abubakr, vandalism was responsible for a disruption of the transmission. He however noted that the process of restoring supply is ongoing with some sections of the national grid already energised, and supply restored to consumers.

Sunday Igboho who praised the Benin Republic government for being better than the Nigerian government also stated that he had no reason to agitate “If Nigeria were to be like the Benin Republic of today”.

He said: “If Nigeria were to be like the Benin Republic of today, what would have made me come out? If our country, Nigeria were like Benin, I would have no reason to agitate because there’s nothing that I want, that God hasn’t given me.

“I have been visiting Benin Republic since 1996; at that time, the police were always at checkpoints collecting bribes from motorists, but when the incumbent President got into power, he eradicated the act.

“In those days, although numerous police officers were always on the streets, stealing and killings were prevalent, but the new President brought that to a halt, and he made a law that DPOs would be held accountable for the actions of thieves operating within their jurisdictions.”

He also revealed that the Benin Republic government pays their police three times better than what the Nigerian government pays its own police force.

“He [Benin Republic President] increased the salary of the police personnel. Benin Republic police officers are paid three times more than Nigerian police officers. There are no more police checkpoints here in Benin, and no matter how far you travel, you’ll not be accosted by thieves on the highway.

“Soldiers will not harass you, and no one will bother you. There are no cows and Fulani herdsmen. That’s the kind of government that we want. I spent over seven months in a prison here in Benin.

“For those seven months, there was no blackout and we never ran out of water. I was stunned. Foreigners are trooping into the Benin Republic; the government is building infrastructure and the President is investigating the projects.

“The people of Benin Republic ought to appreciate God for the kind of leader He has given them. If we have such a government in Nigeria, no one will agitate. Citizens will be happy in a country where the government provides stable power supply, adequate security, and adequate water supply because that is a good government.”

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