General Overseer of The Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye, has hinted at a dark cloud hovering over Nigeria and making it impossible for him to declare expressly, as of now, that elections would hold next year.

In his televised sermon on Sunday morning via the Dove TV platform to mark the first Sunday of the new month, Adeboye said: “I still don’t know whether there will be elections next year.”

The Pulsenews, which monitored the programme, reports that speaking on the topic: “Waiting and not wasting”, Adeboye explained: “God has not told me anything yet about 2023.”

Waxing humorous, he said to someone in both physical and virtual congregations that: “He might have told you some of you who are prophets.”

He then asked rhetorically: “Is there any of you who can stand up today that there will be election in 2023? We will clap for him or her. It would mean he or she is closer to God.”

Adeboye said that 2023 was a long time away, adding that “a lot of things are occupying my minds over and above 2023.

“Kaduna is one of the things occupying my mind. You cannot go to Kaduna by air; you cannot go to Kaduna by train and you cannot go to Kaduna by road.”

He continued: “Why Kaduna? Who is trying to isolate Kaduna? Where is next, after kaduna? And some of you are killing yourselves over 2023.”

Adeboye told the congregants that it was in the news that more than 80 percent of all the oil produced in Nigeria was being stolen, pointing out that there was no denial yet from government.

Who are the people stealing the oil and where are the money going to?
A lot of money going into the hands of some people.
Who are the nations buying this stolen oil, our national wealth? This is why I am not talking of 2023,” he said.

He added: “It is in the news that more than 90 percent of our income is being used to service interest of borrowed money (loans).

“According to a friend, Nigeria is moving steadily to a bankrupt nation. I am more concerned about what is happening now than what will happen in 2023.

“We must pray for Kaduna; we must pray for Nigeria and that God will expose those stealing our oil. We must pray that the Almighty God will have mercy on our nation.

“We can become a debt-free nation. Former President Obasanjo did it. The God that used Obasanjo is still on the throne. He can take control, otherwise your children, my children, grandchildren will be burdened by debt for years.”

Adeboye said that he would not discourage any politician who comes to him for prayers.

Read him: “Anybody who comes to me for prayers, I will pray for him or her. I will pray that: let the perfect will of God concerning the person be fulfilled.”

He declared that: “The most high rules in the affairs of the world including Nigeria.”

Adeboye explained why Christians should be interested in politics.

According to him: “Witches are showing interest in politics. It was reported in the news. Why should I and my children not show interest in politics?”

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