Former Vice President, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, has said that victory of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the 2023 general elections depends on the candidates it produces at the primary elections at all levels. Atiku stated this when he met with the PDP caucus in the House of Representatives Tuesday night even as he advised the party to choose candidates who can easily win at the secondary election.

The former vice president, who solicited the lawmakers’ support for his presidential ambition, said PDP needs “a leader with vast experience who will fight for the people, and a president who can bring this country together. “I guarantee you that I have what it will take to be that kind of president. Therefore, I seek your support.” He bemoaned the many challenges facing the country at the moment, adding: “This is the last chance for this country to get it right.

Any failure to elect the right leaders now means Nigeria is doomed. “We are in one of the trying times in our history as a country: with the increase in poverty, joblessness, insecurity, inflation, economic recession and serious division. There has never been a time when Nigeria needs credible leadership than now. “PDP is in a better position to offer Nigerians that desirable and competent leadership.

That is what I want to offer. I want to offer solutions to our problems, but we have to do it together. “That is why this election is not for us or our personal interest, it is about salvaging the country and I want to seek your support to help me do that. “We owe a debt to this nation. Despite all abilities we have, I feel unfulfilled when I sit back and see how Nigerians travel to have access to basic life requirements.”

Atiku boasted to have experience at the highest and lowest levels, noting that as vice president, he ensured many progressive and national transformations and constitutional law; while as a businessman, he solved grassroots problems by providing jobs for thousands of people. He told the lawmakers that he is designing a policy document that will guide effectively in the implementation of his programmes; stating, however, that the policy document was undergoing review.

The former vice president, who commended the PDP Caucus for uniting and protecting the interest of the party at the National Assembly, promised to work with them if elected president. His words: “When we get to power, I want to work in harmony with the National Assembly and protect constitutional independence and freedom. Most of the changes we want to bring require constitutional adjustment and that cannot happen without cooperation with the National Assembly. “I want to ensure a smooth and careful legislative process. I will give my best and work with politicians and great resource people in our party.

I have the mental and physical energy to serve our party to the fullest. “Above all, it is my passion for the progress of this country that drives my quest for the presidency of this country. “Since the last election, we have built an even better support base in this country. Nigerians have more reasons to vote for us now. “The momentum has been built already; we should not let them down. I have received numerous calls from wellmeaning Nigerians, groups and individually asking me to contest again. That is why I feel even more confident that this time around victory is ours, not mine only. House Minority Leader, Hon Ndudi Elumelu, who spoke on behalf of the caucus, called for unity within the party. Elumelu called for unity within the PDP to be able to take over from the All Progressives Congress-led government.

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