Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Wike, has berated his Cross River counterpart, Ben Ayade, over attempt to shut him out his state on Saturday.

There were reports that the entrance to the Calabar Sports club venue of a rally by the Peoples Democratic Party was closed by policemen on Saturday to prevent the rally from holding.

The PDP had organized a rally to shore up supports for its candidate for the Ogoja/Yala Federal constituency election and the Akpabuyo State constituency poll.

According to the statement, Wike said, “When I was told that they don’t want you to hold this rally, I said this rally must hold today and I must come. Whatever will happen let it happen today. I told your leader that if you did not hold this rally today, then that would have been the end of PDP. But I thank God, all of you resisted it and you said enough is enough.

“Let me tell you now, I have come here today to let you know I’m going to give you every support. Don’t be afraid. They tried it in Rivers State, we resisted them. They are trying to instigate fear in you. Don’t be afraid at all. Whatever the Cross River Government can do, PDP can do it better.

“I don’t understand how a governor would for ordinary federal constituency election, ordinary state election, you’re stopping them to hold a rally. When it comes to governorship what will happen?”

Governor Wike accused APC governors and some vested interests of prevailing on President Muhammadu Buhari not to sign the Electoral Act Amendment Bill to law because they are afraid of losing the 2023 general elections.

“Why they have not signed electoral act is because they are afraid of the results to be transmitted electronically. So, your governor here is one of those pushing for that amendment act not to be signed so they can use security to carry results. 2023 no be 2019,” he said.

Wike declared that PDP must rescue Cross River State from the shackles of bad governance and maladministration of the APC led state government.

“Mobilise our people for the state constituency election and the federal constituency election. We must defeat APC,” Wike added.




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