The Nigerian Embassy in Qatar is facing difficulties due to lack of passport machines, which has limited some Nigerians from continuing life in Qatar. Most of them have lost their jobs, others are facing deportation as a result of lack of passport.

Former Nigerians in Diaspora Organisation’s (NIDO) Qatar President, Victor Ikoli has expressed his frustrations over the lack of passport machines at the Nigerian Embassy in Qatar and the obstacles it presents for Nigerians travelling.


Ikoli said that the “challenges of renewal and procurement of passports” faced by the Nigerian diaspora in Qatar is an urgent matter and that the Nigerian Federal Government to weigh in on the issue

The difficult situation is especially concerning as some employers sponsoring the Nigerian nationals are unable to help when their travel documents expire.

Ikoli stated that “the most pressing issue throughout my four-year tenure in office was the renewal and issuance of Nigerian passports.”

He thanked the Nigerian Embassy’s for issuing approximately 1,500 passport applications for renewal including first-time applicants amongst which were new-borns.

“However, over 130 passports were yet to be issued, thereby exposing the individuals to job termination and deportation if their residence cards were invalid, and possibly bank account closure among others,” he added.

Many individuals have lost their jobs due to a delay in processing the passports. “I was personally involved in two significant cases, [where] one was terminated and his resident card could not be renewed by his company, because his passport had expired,” Ikoli noted.

In some cases, the embassy would issue support letters to be used as a backup document to be presented to the Qatari immigration office.

He further added that Nigerians, at times, were unable to renew their residency cards, despite multiple appeals.

A Nigerian woman, who had moved to the United Kingdom was unable to travel with her two children and husband because her husband’s passport was not yet ready,” Ikoli explained.

Adding, “she now has to prove sole custodian of the children, because their father is unable to travel at this time.”

intel Region spoke to some Nigerians living in Qatar, who are affected by the passport renewal.

“My friend captured since August last year. Till date, no passport. His job is on the line as he faces deportation”.

“Yes I applied since last year August or so and up till now I can get the passports ( my family and I). The embassy itself is not straight forward. It said our payment wasn’t verified. Yet we provided them evidence”

Spent the entire 6 months expiration period waiting for my passport to be renewed so I can renew my resident permit. I weak





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